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The Harbour Management Organisation is a legal Body of Public Affairs, of non-profitable character, which operates under the current structure since 1952, aiming at the construction, maintenance and operation of harbour substructures in the Prefecture of Chania.

For this purpose, the Greek State has granted LTNX (Harbour Management Organisation of Chania Prefecture) the use and operation of land and marine areas (harbour zones) around harbour structures and has placed them in its exclusive control and concern.


Because the Harbour Management Organisation does not have any other financial sources, it is a legislative decision that those who use the harbour zones will pay fees. These fees pay back, and are used for the improvement of the harbours.

Therefore, under the framework of its responsibilities, the Harbour Management Organisation develops activities like the ones presented below:


For the harbours under its control,
  • It issues:
  1. Licenses for use of space (outdoors and roof-covered) for purposes that serve harbour activities.
  2. Licenses for the operation of shops - businesses and activities on the land harbour zones according to law
  • It collects:
  1. Ticket fees (from passengers and vehicles)
  2. Boat anchorage fees
  3. Goods' transport fees
  4. Fees for the use of electro-mechanic equipment (harbour weighing machine, crane, etc)
  5. Fees for the use of land and marine zones in general.

  • It investigates the requests of the local societies regarding the harbour needs at the relevant places.
  • It designs systematic and scientifically valid studies regarding the the maintenance and development of port substructures.
  • It observes and supervises the works under construction.
  • It looks after the proper function of its electro-mechanic equipment.
  • Besides all that, the Harbour Management Organisation is responsible to resolve all issues that arise from the current administrative, tax, environmental, technical etc legislation, which are relevant to its everyday activities.