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The Port of Souda, is one of the safest port in the Mediterranean because of its geographical orientation. Nowadays, it is continuously developing and plays a key role to the commercial, tourist and economic development of Chania Prefecture. Thousands of passengers, many vehicles and also goods are transported every day.

GEOGRAPHIC POSITION P=35ο 29’,5 M=24ο 04’,7

CRETE 35ο 29’,5 N 24ο 04’,7 E

HARBOUR TYPE CRUISE SHIP, F/B, M/V, M/T, Marine sports etc.
SERVICES PROVIDED IN THE HARBOUR Water, Electricity, Fuel in portable means, Outdoors storage space, Port Weighing Machine, Customs Office, Port Authorities, Port Workmen (loading, unloading), Pilot
SERVICES PROVIDED IN THE TOWN OF SOUDA (300 m. from the harbour) Organised market, shipping offices, Rent-a-car offices, Clinics, Police, Bank, Hotels, Post-Office, Restaurants, Cafes, Buses, Fire Brigade within 7 km, 2 hospitals within 4 km.
TYPES OF TRANSPORTED GOODS Olive oil, Citruses, Construction materials, Cereals, Agricultural Supplies
BOAT SERVICES with Piraeus every day.
OTHER TRANSPORT MEANS Buses, Taxi, airport at 13km distance, Local tourist tours by boat.
CRAINES One, 25 tones, telescope-crane. One up to 65 tones with hook and also for containers, cargo in bulk.
PORT WEIGHING MACHINE It weighs lorries up to 80 tones.


PORT AUTHORITIES Tel: 2821-089240, VHF Channel 12
CUSTOMS OFFICE Tel: 2821-089277


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