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Chora Sfakion, area with a strong tourist development, is located at the south coast of Chania Prefecture, 73km from the town of Chania. It links by boat Loutro, Agia Roumeli and the island of Gavdos, areas where tourism is also continuously developing.

Visitors who cross Samaria Gorge end up at Agia Roumeli. From there, if they don't stay overnight, they are transported by ΑΝΕΝDΥΚ boats to Chora Sfakion or Palaeochora. At Chora Sfakion they can stay at the area's hotels if they desire. Buses will bring them back to the North coast of Crete.

The area offers restaurants, hotels and rent-rooms, mini markets, and a lot of very interesting places of the outmost natural beauty, worth for everyone to visit.

At this area, harbour works are on process aiming to provide anchorage both fishing and tourist boats.



Police: 2825-091205
Port Authorities: 2825-091292
Sfakia Municipality: 2825-091131 & 091540
Clinic: 2825-091214
ΟΤΕ: 2825-091299
Shipping Company ΑΝΕΝDΥΚ: 2825-091221 & 091251

Photographs - Chora Sfakion